Haven’t you always wanted to sit down at a piano bench, lay your fingers on the ivory keys and start playing a beautiful song from your heart? At any age, there is something so enticing about that beautiful wooden box with it's black and white keys.

Here at Song of Stars, we make things simple. Our goal is to get you playing your favorite songs and writing your own compositions. Let’s recreate the awe we all started with when we first met this beautiful instrument, the Piano!

Lessons are created for you around your individual musical dreams. Different methods, books and techniques are used depending on your specific goals.

At Song of Stars, you will learn things like:

  • How to play your favorite songs
  • How to develop finger strength, speed and right & left hand coordination
  • How to read notes, musical terms, and understand song structures
  • How to play chords
  • How to play solo piano
  • How to write songs on the piano
  • How to accompany singers (yourself and others)