A more holistic approach to instruction, the artist development program caters lessons to not only one instrument but a few, such as vocal training, songwriting & guitar. Live shows & recording opportunities (The Star Sessions) provide focal points & inspiration for development and training as your being coached & mentored.

With the Artist Development program you will learn things like:

  • How to find and develop your own vocal & musical style 
  • Develop breath management to sing louder and hold notes longer
  • How to strengthen your range (sing higher & lower)
  • How to develop flexibility & agility vocally
  • Work on articulation, vowel & consonant placement
  • How to sing with resonance
  • Learn tools to help you become more confident when singing
  • Performing proper microphone technique
  • Prepping for “The Star Sessions” (songwriting, direction & critiquing of song(s) written)